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The most advanced system available on the market today

SMS marketing is an underrated tool that gets overshadowed by the glory of popular social media marketing. However, that doesn't mean SMS marketing doesn't hold merit of its own. In fact, the Fortune 500 companies use this technique to get their name out there. As the number of mobile users increases exponentially, this marketing approach can really work wonders in reaching out to one's target audience.


SMS, also known as Short Message Service, is a form of texting that is just as crucial to marketing efforts as social media or other collaterals. It is its affordability and numerous benefits that makes SMS marketing a suitable platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Our mission is to help their customers boost revenue, engage their customers, and increase employee satisfaction.  Readers Publishing has the most advanced system available on the market today with powerful automation and targeting tools you won't find anywhere else.


What You Can Expect:

Maximize Revenue.  Generate more leads, shorten your sales cycle, and ultimately close more deals with Readers Publishing full collection of lead nurturing and business text messaging tools that help you connect with your customers every step of the way.


Streamline Operations.  Readers Publishing text automation will save you time, energy, and money by automating daily tasks, improving job quality and allowing your staff to focus on more important tasks.


Increase Customer Retention.  Our texting platform helps to keep customers happy by sending the most relevant messages, responding instantly, and empowering customers to text you without waiting on hold.

Reach Employees.  Readers Publishing texting software helps maximize employee engagement by ensuring your important messages stand out.  We can scale from 1-on-1 conversations to sending company-wide announcements.


What Makes Readers Publishing Texting Different:

Our omnichannel automation suite comes with all the tools you expect. But we don't stop there; from basic mass texting to advanced campaigns, Readers Publishing has you covered with the most versatile texting platform.


Mass texting is a great place to start for your business, but for truly effective marketing and customer engagement, we know you need more.


And that's one of the major things that sets Readers Publishing apart: automation capabilities. It's capable of carrying out campaigns for you, even while you sleep!


Take our contact collection tools for example. While ordinary ones simply capture someone's phone number, Readers Publishing can automatically collect more information as they respond to your prompts, so you can accurately target every message.


Readers Publishing works tirelessly to offer the world's leading automated engagement platform using text messages, voice broadcasts, instant messaging, and social media. Whether it's a small nonprofit or a Fortune 500 company, our team has experience with a variety of clients in order to give their customers the best possible ROI on their text marketing campaigns.


Give us a call and see what Readers Publishing can do for you!

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