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Readers Publishing's Texting Features

Gain a competitive edge over simple systems with our combination of core features and omni-channel messaging.  Highlights include:


  • Mobile Keywords                                                                


  • Mass & 2-Way Texting (Personalization) via Toll Free Number


  • Scheduled Messaging


  • Appointment Reminders


  • Social Media, & Voice Broadcast


  • Mobile Voting/Surveys/Polls


  • Mobile Coupons


  • Text-to-Win


  • Text to Screen

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Contact Management


  • Data Capture


  • Import Contacts


Analytics and Reporting:  Analytics and reporting is an important part of every text message marketing campaign; it helps you determine what campaigns are successful as well as what areas need improvement.  Readers Publishing’s Report Manager provides a comprehensive view of analytics, such as who received the message, the number of successfully sent messages, the number of failed messages, the number of subscribers who opted out, demographic information, voting results, etc. 


Contact Management:  In addition to analytics, contact management tools are essential for carrying out successful text message marketing campaigns.  Readers Publishing’s tools help you build and maintain an accurate, strong contact list.  Our tools automatically remove contacts when they opt out; it also scans your list, removing international numbers and invalid numbers. It's also easy to upload contacts.  If you have an existing contact list, you can upload it at once, or you can manually input numbers individually. 


Customization:  The most successful text message marketing campaigns are personalized and targeted.  With our data capture tools, you can collect data on your contacts by asking questions and capturing their responses.  You can collect a range of data like a contact's full name, the region they are in, their interests, etc. 


MMS Messaging:  Comprehensive text message companies have multimedia messaging capabilities.  With our tools, you can send picture and video messages. 


Mobile Keywords:  Mobile keywords are an important tool that all text message marketing companies offer.  Keywords help you manage contact lists, opt-ins and sometimes automated campaigns. Readers Publishing’s mobile keywords make it easy for subscribers to opt in to receive messages, discounts, etc.  All they must do is text your keyword to your phone number.  Keywords can also be used to trigger automated journeys. 


Surveys:  Businesses should always look for ways to gather customer feedback.  With our text-to-vote features, you can send polls to gather feedback.  Some text message companies don't offer surveying capabilities, but with Readers Publishing you can.

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